Quick Answer: Who Is The Richest Violinist?

Who is the best violinist in the world 2020?

Top 10 violin players in 2020@pilarwinterhill.

Pilar Hill / 珊珊 / Violinist.

New York, United States.


🎻 ALEXANDER RYBAK 🎻 Oslo, Norway.


Hilary Hahn.



🌸Harsha khandeparkar🌸 …


신예찬(Shin Ye Chan) …


Saraphina Violin.


JUN (안준성) …

@mayaabdelhamid_ Mayaabdelhamid.More items….

Who is considered the greatest living violinist today?

Itzhak PerlmanHis command of the art earned him numerous awards and accolades during his almost 60 year career. Undeniably, Itzhak Perlman is perhaps today’s most preeminent classical violinist.

Who is the most famous violinist in the world?

Perhaps the most famous or greatest violinist is Niccolo Paganini.Itzhak Perlman (1945 – ) – Itzhak Perlman is often considered the greatest violinist of the 20th century. … Sarah Chang (1980 – ) – Sarah is a Korean American violinist born in Philadelphia. … More on the violin: … Other musical instruments:More items…

Who is the best violist in the world?

10 Famous Viola Players and their Viola Performance (Great…Famous Viola Players.Niccolò Paganini.Kim Kashkashian.Paul Hindemith.William Primrose.Carl Stamitz.Tabea Zimmermann.Nobuko Imai.More items…•

Who owns a Stradivarius violin?

The “Dolphin” Stradivari from 1714, also belongs on the list of the most valuable violins ever made. It is estimated at 4 million euros and is owned by the Nippon Music Foundation. Currently, it is played by the violinist Akiko Suwanei.

How many years does it take to become a professional violinist?

If you would like to play violin professionally, you’ll have to commit to many years of hard work. On the other hand, if you’re just looking to play for fun or to join a band with some friends, you can make a lot of progress toward your goals in three to five years.

Who is the highest paid violinist?

Malcolm Lowe(Violinist Malcolm Lowe — the orchestra’s concertmaster, who serves as something of a liaison between the symphony’s musicians and its conductor — earned $415,402 in 2016.) The BSO’s three other highest-paid musicians — its principal trumpet, principal viola and timpanist — are all male.

How much do famous violinists make?

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra was a close second, paying violinists and all other musicians an average of $143,260 a year. Those playing for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra averaged $141,700 a year, while those in the Minnesota Orchestra earned $107,660 a year.

What happened to Vanessa Mae?

Vanessa-Mae: Violinist ends Winter Olympics bid to protect music career. Violinist Vanessa-Mae will not compete for Thailand at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics next month after a shoulder injury ended her qualification bid.

How much money does a concert violinist make?

A survey by Berklee College of Music, a baccalaureate program in Boston, found that concert salaries vary greatly. Orchestral musicians, such as concert violinists, averaged $28,000 to $115,000 a year in 2010. Full seasons usually run about 40 weeks, placing their pay rate at $700 to $2,875 a week.

Who is the best female violinist in the world?

Hilary HahnHilary Hahn. 90,817 listeners. … Upgrade Now.Anne-Sophie Mutter. 55,876 listeners. … Janine Jansen. 27,452 listeners. … Julia Fischer. 13,722 listeners. … Lucia Micarelli. 29,195 listeners. … Upgrade Now.Alissa Margulis. 191 listeners.More items…

Can you become a professional violinist?

To reach a professional skill level, it will take a lot of hard work, practice and dedication. For a violinist to become “good” at the instrument, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 years. To become “very good”, “excellent”, or “professional” it could take 10-30 years of constant practice.

Who owns the Red Violin?

Joseph JoachimGirard’s imaginative speculations became the narrative for his beloved film, “The Red Violin.” Known as the Red Stradivarius and owned by legendary violinist Joseph Joachim, the 1720 Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius would eventually surface in 1930s Berlin.

Was Mozart a good violinist?

Mozart was a very good violinist. We hear most about his playing during his travels in 1777-8. In Munich he took part in a private concert given to celebrate the name-day of his music-loving inkeeper.

How hard is it to become a professional violinist?

It can be hard to practice more than four hours a day, but studies show that the more you practice the more you will be willing and want to play. Professional violinists practice sometimes more than eight hours a day.