Question: How Do I Link My Family Members To Find A Grave?

How do I delete find my grave account?

Go to your Account Settings and click DATA AND PRIVACY.


Read through your options and make sure you understand that closing or deleting your account is permanent.

Choose one of the options and a reason from the dropdown.

Add your password and select the orange button to close or delete..

Linking Family Members You can link memorials for family members together on Find a Grave. In the “Family Members” section of the Edit page of a memorial you manage (or the Suggest Edits page of one you don’t), you can add the Memorial ID numbers of parents and spouse(s) to link them.

How do I contact Findagrave?

Choose a feedback typeHelp using Find a Grave. For help using the website visit our help page or contact suggest a correction or addition, visit the memorial page and click Suggest Edits.Your email. Website Feedback. Use Recaptcha tool complete form.

How accurate is find a grave?

Find-a-Grave can be as accurate, or inaccurate as WikiTree, FamilySearch, Ancestry, etc., or any other public genealogy site, where the information is entered by people. People make mistakes. You can contact the profile manager there for more information on their sources.

How do you find an unmarked grave in a cemetery?

Probably the most common way to search for graves is to probe the soil in the area with a 6-foot- long rod with a blunt end and a T-shaped handle. These rods can be purchased commercially or be made by the user. The soil is probed in various spots looking for the resistance one would expect from a coffin or vault.

Can you put a memorial plaque on a grave?

Usually only the person named on the Deed of Grant can erect memorials or headstones on a grave. … If the owner of the Deed of Grant agrees to give up their right to the grave, a Transfer of Deed can take place and both the present and future owners must register the information at the cemetery office.

Are burial records public information?

The court found that names of individuals buried in the cemetery were death records, which are public under the state law.

Does ancestry own Find a Grave?

Find A Grave will become a wholly owned subsidiary of, and will continue to be managed by its founder, Jim Tipton.

How do I add information to find a grave?

You can email or use the Cemetery Correction/Update forum to submit cemetery updates including adding a cemetery bio, GPS, address, town, name corrections, and AKAs. Be sure to include the cemetery ID or link to the cemetery page.

How do you request to manage a memorial on Find A Grave?

To request a transfer on the memorial in question, click on ‘Suggest other Corrections’ under the ‘Suggest Edits’ button and type your message to the memorial manager. Be sure to include your relationship to the person and any other reason for the transfer request.

What does Sponsored mean On Find a Grave?

Someone who sponsors a memorial can add an additional 10 photos (for a total of 30 on the memorial). Famous memorials are a special collection where photographs are usually limited to one good biographical photo and 2-4 grave photos.

What is a virtual cemetery in Find a Grave?

A Virtual Cemetery is a collection of names found on Find a Grave grouped by any specification the member wishes. Memorials listed in Virtual Cemeteries can be buried in multiple different cemeteries. … From the memorial, select the +Save To button in the upper center of the memorial.

Where is Kobe Bryant buried?

Pacific View Memorial Park & Mortuary, Newport Beach, California, United StatesKobe Bryant/Place of burial

How do I merge memorials on Find A Grave?

Toward the bottom of the edit/suggest edit page for a memorial, you’ll now find a button that says, “Report duplicate memorials.” If you click that button, you can put in the memorial id for the duplicate memorial and quickly submit that suggestion to the support team.

How do I remove a picture from a find grave?

1 Click on the photo you added. Select delete from the lower left-hand corner of the page. 2 If you are sure about deleting the photo, select Delete.

Is Findagrave com free?

Becoming a Find a Grave member is fast, easy and FREE. Receive email notifications about memorials you manage.

How do I find someone’s grave site?

Find a GraveGo to the first name (if known) and the last name of your ancestor. The last name is required.Enter any additional information, if known, such as year of birth and the place your ancestor may be buried. If you don’t know this information, simply leave the field blank.

What is transcribe photos on Find A Grave?

We just launched a new Upload and Transcribe beta at Find A Grave. With this new feature, you can upload a whole trips worth of cemetery headstone photos and transcribe them in either new memorials, or attach the photos easily to existing memorials.